Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles in West Chester

Choosing Your Backsplash

Choosing the right kitchen backsplash in West Chester can revitalize a kitchen space, providing an amazing backdrop to your renovation. The options for backsplash tiles in West Chester are endless, and all have unique characteristics. We specialize in both the installation and the tile design.

Our Popular Backsplashes

Backsplash tiles can come in many different materials and colors. This is often the most personal choice you can make to round out the final look of your kitchen. Below is a list of the four most common kitchen backsplash options, along with why you may want to choose each. Have specific questions or concerns? Our West Chester kitchen backsplash experts are here to assist!

Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles in West Chester

Looking For A Glass Backsplash West Chester?

Glass backsplashes come in both tile and sheet form and have many advantageous qualities. Glass is super easy to clean, it’s cost-effective, and comes in a multitude of different colors and patterns. It can literally change the entire feel of your kitchen. One thing to consider is that glass is notoriously fragile, and even super reinforced glass tiles may break. If you have any questions, please make sure to call our expert kitchen renovators in West Chester.

kitchen with glass backsplash in West Chester
quartz and tile backsplash installed in West Chester, PA

Ceramic Tile Backsplash Installation in West Chester

Ceramic tiles can often be painted when the base ceramic color doesn’t always fit in with overall kitchen décor. This paint also provides an extra layer of protection and is easy to clean and maintain when finished with gloss. Ceramic tiles are also very durable to heat but can still occasionally crack. Similar to glass tiles, ceramic provides many colors and types. Whether molded or cut, ceramic can be fitted to meet even the most obscure needs.

Replacement & Installation Of Granite Tile West Chester

A slightly different choice, but still one that is used a lot in contemporary kitchens, granite tiles are perfect to match with other granite surfaces, including countertops and flooring. Granite is also extremely robust, as it’s the most durable type of tile. Granite tends to be on the higher cost side, but can still nicely match your existing countertops. Another bonus of having granite tile (along with granite countertops in West Chester) is their ability to be easily cleaned. Give us a call today to go over all of the options.

ceramic tile backsplash in West Chester, PA
quartz backsplash contractor installation West Chester

Quartz & Resin Tile Backsplash Options in West Chester

One final option is quartz and resin tile backsplashes, which have been gaining popularity in the kitchen renovation world for many reasons. Quartz will visually enhance any room you put it in, and can also imitate the look of marble while keeping the advantage of easier care. We provide a comprehensive service that takes you from design and tile selection through to planning and installation.
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Our Backsplashes in West Chester & Other Kitchen Services

Consider how you want the overall look and feel of your perfect kitchen to be. Visualize the space and layout. Lighter tiles will add space to a room, and any backsplash will bring elegance and luxury that was previously absent.

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