Our Beautiful Kitchen Countertops in West Chester PA

Showcasing Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertops in West Chester PA come in a variety of different shapes, finishes, and sizes. The right kitchen countertop can truly showcase your kitchen and not only give it a functional workspace, but also allow your personal touch to shine through.

Proper Planning

Countertops in West Chester must be carefully planned out in advance, especially when dealing with expensive stone. Even though these worktops provide a visually stunning aesthetic, they are still extremely heavy materials. Our team will prepare accordingly to ensure a smooth installation.

Our Popular Countertops

Some of MCG Kitchens’ most popular countertops are granite countertops and quartz countertops, but we also have may customers who choose our various butcher block options. No matter which style you decide on, we’ll utilize the top stone suppliers in the region.

Long Lasting Kitchen Countertops

Countertops play a very important part within the overall kitchen structure. Whether you choose granite countertops, quartz countertops, or butcher block in West Chester, all are great choices, but all are also extremely different and have various advantages over each other. All of these options should be taken into account before choosing. If you have questions about kitchen countertops in West Chester PA, make sure to call one of MCG’s design experts. We’ll provide a multitude of options to choose from – any of which great choices!

Granite Countertop Choices in West Chester

We don’t play favorites but…., we do love installing granite countertops in our client’s homes during a renovation. Our granite countertops are super durable and less prone to damage than their quartz counterparts. Oh, and they look great when installed! Granite is relatively easy to clean, and they make a great addition to your kitchen remodel. The one downside of purchasing granite countertops in West Chester is that they can cost more than stone or quartz countertops. This can sometimes omit granite out of clients’ budgets. If you have any concerns about stone choices or budget, contact our designers today.

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quartz counter in West Chester

Beautiful Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a very popular countertop choice in West Chester, and one major reason is that quartz countertops are often cheaper than granite countertops. They do have some drawbacks though, as they are commonly made of a combination of quartz and resin. They are also susceptible to some heat damage, and can crack, making them harder to clean. When granite moves outside of your budget, quartz is the best choice, as they make great all-around countertops. As a bonus, they have a beautiful glossy finish. If quartz countertops aren’t your choice, we have several other options that may work. Call one of our West Chester design experts today to work out the details.

Butcher Block Countertops in Chester County

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “butcher block countertops”? As it turns out, butcher block is becoming a common choice made by our clients, and one that they may not have considered from the onset of the project. They’re rustic, great for preparing and cutting food, and are durable and long lasting. Of course, they won’t replace granite as the industry leader, but a larger percentage of people are choosing butcher block countertops due to their affordability. If you haven’t seen butcher block countertops recently, contact us and set up a consultation. We’ll review all of your options and help you reach a smart decision. 

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Kitchen Countertops in West Chester by MCG

We will eliminate all uncertainty about your countertop decision, as we’ll cover your budget and what fits within it. This of course includes the overall look you’re seeking from a design perspective. You’ll then be presented with a custom kitchen countertops plan which will allow us to finalize this design process. Our ultimate goal is to create a customized kitchen renovation project that checks every box you have. This includes design, materials, color choices, and overall style preferences. Our kitchen designers are super passionate about what they do, and we can’t wait to construct your new kitchen. Call us today to begin the custom quoting process.


We just completed our kitchen remodel yesterday, and all that I can say is wow! The crew at MCG were nothing short of awesome. The design was out of this world and the work was done to perfection. The entire job was completed with both myself and my husband at work most of the time. The installers were very professional and friendly. The staff met our challenges and changes with grace and efficiency. We are looking forward to future remodels later this year and we wouldn’t think about going any place else. Thank you. – Lori T.

West Chester's Kitchen Renovation Pros

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