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Butcher block countertops are the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking to transform their kitchen into a unique and stylish space. They are the least common choice for counters in a kitchen remodel, but they are beautiful nonetheless.


Butcher block offers many beautiful finish styles, adding a luxurious richness to its appearance. In addition to their physical appearance, we'll ensure that your counters are protected from various types of water damage and staining.


Perhaps the best part of these types of countertops is the durability. They are the perfect surface for cutting and food preparation, and we'll design your counters to withstand all types of activites that could damage them.

The Benefits of Butcher Block Counters in West Chester

Butcher block countertops are sometimes looked at as a forgotten art form. This is unfortunate because they’re an amazing option that can withstand a large amount of abuse, but with the right amount of care they will look stunning for decades.

Butcher Block Counters in West Chester That Add Style

Butcher blocks can come in a few different types of wood, namely Maple, Oak, and Walnut. Our expert West Chester kitchen designers will not only assist you in analyzing which type of wood best fits your budget and overall project, but they’ll also take into consideration the various grain direction patterns that will give your counters their uniqueness.

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Durable and Long Lasting

These counters are designed to have food cut and prepared on them. This can wear them down faster and you’ll potentially find yourself sanding and refinishing them more often. If that’s an option you can work with, then chop food directly on the surface. Natural wood can also take a surprising amount of heat. The best part is that most burns don’t penetrate the surface and can simply be sanded out. Remember, wood butcher block countertops can be repaired, waxed, sanded, and re-finished at any time.

Increase Wow Factor with Butcher Block Countertops

Customizing sinks is a breeze when you go with butcher block. This includes drop-in sinks, stainless steel, undermount, farmhouse, ceramic, and even copper all work perfectly. Compared to quartz or granite countertops butcher blocks can be the most cost effective for West Chester homeowners. They also allow you to customize both the hue and pattern through your choice of wood type and wood grain.

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