Expert Kitchen Renovation in Coatesville

Words cannot begin to describe how wonderful Mike and his crew from MCG Kitchens are. They have completely calmed our nerves about a kitchen remodel. The quality, the even higher quality people… you wouldn’t understand and it would take too long to describe all the little things they did to get my vision of a kitchen into reality. – Alex C.

When Kitchen Renovation in Coatesville Makes Sense

Coatesville is a small, yet vibrant community within Chester County, PA with varying home sizes and styles, making it a perfect environment for our kitchen remodel projects. We are an industry leading kitchen remodeling company, who creates luxury finished kitchens from start to finish. We design projects based on the taste and specifications of our clients, with full kitchen remodeling work being conducted from planning all the way to its completion. If you’re interested in learning what separates MCG from other local kitchen renovators in Coatesville, call at 610-960-0122 or fill out our easy online form! 


MCG Kitchens is the absolute best! Their service was warm, homely yet very professional and thorough. The kitchen renovation project was coordinated so well that they took half a week sooner to complete it. I love how they introduced everyone and took the time out to explain every little detail that was and would be done. – Emily L.

Local Kitchen Designers & Renovation in Coatesville

Coatesville is home to many talented and industry leading designers, and at MCG we have hand picked our own designers to ensure that you receive the best designed kitchen in the entire Chester County region. Our kitchen remodeling projects all begin with intelligent designing, combined with durable materials that ensure there is plenty of storage space and ample room to house various kitchen appliances. Every possible aspect is covered during the design phase and we’ll go over everything that will ultimately complete your kitchen remodeling in Coatesville, from cabinetry design to backsplash, and flooring options.

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Your Kitchen Remodeling in Coatesville Starts Here!

At MCG, we’ve have designed a seamless and easy to understand process that will have your Coatesville kitchen renovation project completed in no time at all, and all with the highest quality finishes. The easiest way to start is to get in touch with us to discuss your expectations for your kitchen remodel project, as well all of the various details you need included as part of the project. We’ll then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

We will then pair you with one of our amazingly talented Coatesville kitchen design consultants who will schedule an appointment and visit you at your home. During this visit you can discuss every aspect of your dream kitchen even further, and our designer will then take full specifications and measurements before moving on to the next step in our kitchen renovation process.

Chester County's Kitchen Renovation Pros

We are so excited to help your dream kitchen become a reality. Call MCG Kitchens today at 610-960-0122 to speak to one of our professional designer